Emily Paige Photography

​Emily Paige Photography 

What can I say about Emily? She loves light hearted movies and cuddling! She is my best friend, love of my life, and my other half. She is kind, honest, and has the biggest heart. Her faith in God and her determination to do the right thing are remarkable and inspiring! She loves the little things in life and cherishes every moment God blesses us with. Her sole focus at every wedding or event is to capture the moments you want to remember forever. Her photography is breathtaking and unlike anything I've seen before. I love her and get excited to see every photo she takes! 


Hey guys! We're the Apas! We are a husband and wife photography/videography team based in Central Florida! 

Let me tell you a little about us.. We met online and instantly knew we had a lot in common and shared a lot of the same interests. After a lot of convincing.. Alan finally got a first date! Then a second.. then a third! We fell in love and Alan left his full time job and moved over two hours to be with me! We have loved every moment of growing this business together and we know God brought us together for a purpose! We believe that purpose is sharing love stories! We get to share in the best day of peoples lives... it simply doesn't get much better than that!

Meet Alan! He loves Star Wars, Disney World, and just about any cheeseburger out there! He's definitely the helpless romantic and helps keep me dreaming when the realist in me takes over. He can quote movies with the best of them and loves to beat me at Scene It! He is our resident videographer and gets the most amazing sunset shots you will ever see! After taking a few classes in Highschool, he always had an unquenchable interest in film making but wasn't sure how he would fulfill it. We met just a year after I added video to our services. The romantic in him knew that telling someones love story through film was the perfect fit!  He is in charge of all things videography and loves every moment!


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